Rubiks Cube hypnotized Free Download
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Rubiks Cube hypnotized Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Will solve the rubiks cube on their own
  • Their Logical Thinking will also improve
  • Especially it a very good excercise for the fingers and brain
  • Their Creativity will improve to a greater extent
  • Basic knowledge about directions like Left, Right, Top, Bottom, clockwise, anti-clock wise etc..
  • A Standard Rubik’s Cube is required

Complete steps of solving a Rubik’s cube with explanation of each and every possible case. I have covered each and every nook and corner of this solving technique. I, being a speed cuber and having been able to solve the Rubik’s cube in under 15 seconds I can guarantee you that your average speed for solving this cube after watching my course will definitely be less than 5 minutes and with practice it will go as low as 1.5 minutes. The important thing if that you will have to be little aware of the fact that solving this cube just needs curiosity and zeal. Then success is all yours !!!

Who this course is for:
  • There is no age limit to learn this…I have personally taught to many people both 7 years old and 50 years old….So yes…Age is just a number when it comes to solving a Rubik’s cube
  • Who is more interested in puzzle solving
  • Who likes more of Exploring


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