Rust Programming Recipes Free Download
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Rust Programming Recipes  Free Tutorial Download

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  • Useful patterns for handling error cases
  • Patterns for building complex objects with ease
  • How lifetimes provide data safety and how to pass them around even concurrent code
  • How we can use generics to handle complex data with ease
  • What it means for an abstraction to be zero cost
  • How we can use macros to simplify make our code easier to write
  • How we can use “iterator” and “intoiterator” to make our functions more flexible
  • How Rust futures allow us to handle IO without blocking our program from working on something else
  • How libraries such as Diesel and Rocket use macros to make them easier to write for
  • How we can integrate our new rust code with existing libraries written in other languages
About This video course features application-specific recipes to boost your development of real-world apps by integrating Rust units into your existing applications, even those written in another language. Geared towards those already familiar with the basics of Rust, this course will take you through solutions that will allow you to use Rust code samples right away in your existing applications.

You will learn key techniques that Rust uses to write scalable code, including advanced-level concepts such as error handling, macros, fearless concurrency, and zero cost abstractions such as futures, and create an HTTP server that reads from a database. We’ll cover some of the many benefits of working in Rust as you write systems-level software. We’ll move on to add our Rust code into existing C and Python applications so that you can learn how to integrate our new fast and safe code into other environments.

By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundational knowledge in server-side programming, enabling you to deliver solutions to build high-performance web applications and services using Rust.

This Github liink to this video course is here:

  • Learn new tricks, patterns, and ways of thinking about Rust in a scalable way
  • Grow in confidence with key Rust features such as fearless concurrency, and lifetimes
  • Bring Rust into your current projects, even if they are in other language


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