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Trust lies at the foundation of all sales. It’s an unmentioned soft skill—a human skill—that can make every sales rep better at the job. In this course, CEO and author Jeff Bloomfield taps the world of neuroscience to explain the science of trust and help you maximize your own trustworthiness as a salesperson. He reveals the two types of trust that matter and breaks down the myth of “rapport.” He explains the chemicals and pathways of the brain that are triggered in the buying process and provides a customer-engagement model to accelerate trust and lower inhibitions. He also explains how to communicate solutions in such a way that customers will close the sale themselves. Watch this course to gain a deeper appreciation of the human brain and a new foundation on which to build your customer relationships.


  • Jeff Bloomfield

    Jeff Bloomfield is a sales and leadership coach, and the author of Story-Based Selling.

    Jeff Bloomfield spent the better part of his corporate career at Genentech, in various leadership roles ranging from sales and marketing to leadership development. He is the founder of two consulting companies, Braintrust and Apex Training & Development, and speaks to audiences of all sizes on the topics of leadership, communication, story-based selling, and the powerful impact of neuroscience on sales and marketing.

    Jeff wrote the book Story-Based Selling, and has trained multiple Fortune 500 companies on story-based selling and coaching, acted as an executive coach to senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, consulted on strategy, sales and marketing, and leadership for companies ranging from ten to ten thousand employees.

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