Sandra Koulourides – Horizontal Conditioning ; Getting Started Free Download
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Sandra Koulourides - Horizontal Conditioning ; Getting Started 1

Sandra Koulourides – Horizontal Conditioning ; Getting Started   Free Tutorial Download

I recently read about Sandra Koularides’ Horizontal Conditioning workouts on the Video Fitness forum, and was intrigued by what some folks over there described as really intense workouts. I thought I’d give these a try, and so I ordered six of them — and I love them so far!

This Getting Started one contains three ten-minute workouts that are designed to help you build strength so you can work up to Sandra’s other workouts. It relies on a lot of plank and push-up variations. There is no music on this DVD and the set is very basic, but somehow Sandra encourages you to keep going and stick with the workout, even when you’re feeling tired.

On her website and on the DVD, she also recommends that you do each ten-minute workout two or three times so that you can build up strength. The shorter length of these mean that they’re also good for tacking on to the end of a longer workout.

There is also a modifier who does the push-ups on her knees, etc., but if you have wrist issues, the HC workouts might not be your best bet.

I bought this particular DVD along with the four Volumes and the Boot Camp DVD since it was recommended as a place to start, but if you feel comfortable with planks and push-ups, I would say that you don’t really need it. I’ve been able to use the Volumes, and just modify or take breaks when I need to. I could have gotten away with not buying this one, but it’s still a solid, effective workout.


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