SAP ABAP Smart Forms for Beginners Free Download
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SAP ABAP Smart Forms for Beginners, FreeTuts Download

  SAP ABAP Smart Forms for Beginners Free Tutorial Download

SAP Smart Forms is used to create and maintain forms for mass printing in SAP Systems.As output medium SAP Smart Forms support a printer, a fax, e-mail, or the Internet (by using the generated XML output).

SAP introduced SmartForms in 1998 to overcome the limitations in SAP Scripts. SmartForms are easier to develop, maintain and transport than SAP Script.

In this tutorial you will learn:

Smart Forms and  SapScripts Comparison

  • Multiple page formats are possible in SmartForms which is not the case in SAPScripts
  • It is possible to have a SmartForm without a main window.
  • Routines can be written in SmartForms tool.
  • SmartForms generates a function module when activated.
  • Labels cannot be created in SmartForms.

Advanatges of Smart Forms

  • They  help adapting forms without any programming knowledge due to entirely graphical user interface
  • When activating the smart form the system automatically generates the function module and at the runtime .
  • To make any changes we have to use the Drag & Drop, Cut & Paste. These actions do not include writing of coding lines or using a script language.
  • We can insert static and dynamic tables. These include the line feeds in the individual table cells, triggering events for table headings and subtotals and sorting data before output.
  • The smart forms allow the user to include graphics, which can be displayed as a part of the form or as background graphics. During printout the user can suppress the background graphic as and when necessary.
  • Web Publishing is possible using the generated XML output
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SAP ABAP Smart Forms for Beginners, FreeTuts Download

Download  SAP ABAP Smart Forms for Beginners  Free

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