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SAP GUI is the graphical user interface client in SAP ERP’s 3-tier architecture of database, application server and client. It is software that runs on a Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh or Unix desktop, and allows a user to access SAP functionality in SAP applications such as SAP ERP and SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW). It is used for remote access to the SAP central server in a company network.

SAP is a distributed application, where client software (SAP GUI) installed on a user’s workstation is used to access the central SAP server remotely over the company’s network. Users need to authenticate themselves when accessing SAP. By default, however, SAP uses unencrypted communication, which allows potential company-internal attackers to get access to usernames and passwords by listening on the network. This can expose the complete SAP system, if a person is able to get access to this information for a user with extended authorization in the SAP system. Information about this feature is publicly accessible on the Internet.

With this course you can learn how to download SAP GUI or sap logon pad, here sap logon pad and sap GUI are same.

You can also learn how to install sap GUI in your system environments also you can get knowledge about SAP GUI installation and downloading software.

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