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Coding teaches children the problem-solving and communication strategies central to algorithmic thinking. Practicing programming from a young age leads to more opportunities for college and careers. Plus, it’s fun!

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The world is fast evolving, which creates a high demand for those who can think critically and solve complex problems. Learning how to code is a great way to teach your child how to problem solve and work with algorithms. Programming is also an outlet where children can learn to be imaginative when trying to accomplishing new tasks. There are always different ways to collaborate, learn, and code, and programming gives children a creative avenue to explore all of the different available paths. Regardless of whether your child decides to pursue a career in programming or not, they will have the skills to understand how code works, which is a benefit when using technology in other aspects of their lives. One final perk to learning to code is that, in a sense, it’s an international language. Whether your child is fluent in one or several languages, learning to code will allow them to communicate and collaborate with other coders on a global scale.

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