Selenium in C# – Setup Simple Test Automation Framework


Founder and CEO in IT-Bulls.

Creator of Learn-IT Online University and mobile application that help to get certified specialist in different domains.

Tutor with 5+ years of experience. Key Java Tutor in outsourcing companies. Andrii helps to teach Java software engineers from zero till their first job assignment.

His Java course is used to train people with zero programming knowledge to prepare them for real work in different companies.

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All Andrii’s courses are proven by time and success stories of the students.

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Andrii spent a lot of time tutoring offline to understand students and key issues which they face with during their education process. Detailed homeworks and practical experience – that’s what helps students to get knowledge.

IT-Bulls creates applications with students which allow people to pass internship and get more practical experience.

The best students managed to get their first job in IT-Bulls and now become leading engineers in the company!

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So be prepared to become best friend of IT-Bulls company.

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