Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools and Equipment Free Download
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Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools and Equipment, FreeTuts Download

  Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools and Equipment Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  1. How to Find the Right Spot
  2. Choose the right soldering Iron
  3. Choose the right tools you need to have to keep yourself safe while soldering and solder the right way
  4. Get your own Soldering tools that are right for you
  5. How to choose the best Multimeter
  6. How to Choose a Soldering Station
  7. What are the Must Have Soldering Accessories
  8. How to choose a Bench Power Supply
  9. Things to Consider when Choosing an Oscilloscope
  10. How to Get the best Wire Stripper
  11. Needle-nose Pliers and Wire Cutter
  12. Should you get a Hot Glue Gun?
  13. Why you must get a Precision Screwdriver Set?
  14. Tweezers
  15. Rotary Tool and Accessories
  16. 3D Printer
  17. Assortment Kits and Electronics Components
  18. Breadboards
  19. Jumper Wires
  20. Resistors, LEDs, Potentiometers, Pushbuttons and Other Electronics Components
  21. Varied Sensors and Modules
  22. Arduino Starter Kit
  23. Cabinet organizer
  24. Choose the best solder out there, and why it is the best
  25. How to Buy Electronic Components Online
  26. Differentiate between good soldering and bad soldering with real life examples


  1. Basic experience in Electronics
  2. Basic experience in Electronic devices
  3. A Will to apply, not just watch


Welcome to this course.

If you’ve decided to begin learning electronics and you’re hoping to set up your own specialist electronics lab, you’re in the right spot. This course will assist you in figuring out how to set up a hardware lab and locate the correct equipment and gears.

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Setting Up Your Own Electronics Lab at Home, Office, Workshop or a simple desk

At the point when you’re simply beginning, it is hard to tell what devices are or aren’t essential, or what are the best devices.

This course contains a list of many tools and equipment plus recommendations. You don’t have to get them all at the same time. Else, you’ll wind up purchasing stuff that you don’t need or stuff you’ll never use! Start by buying a couple of basic instruments identified with the tasks you need to do. At that point, as your lab, and your mastery begins developing, overhaul your lab with new devices.

You Will Also Learn how to purchase these items online and what to look for when purchasing! 

Bonus 1: How to Solder Electronic Components

STOP Wasting Time, Money, and Effort on Bad Soldered boards, Start Solder correctly to have a long-lasting Fully functional Board.

Ever Wondered Which Soldering Iron is right for you?

Did you ask Yourself why My soldering doesn’t look or feel like a professionally soldered board like you see in most online videos and images or even in boards that you purchase?

This Course Have all the answers for you

You will learn how to master soldering and use the right tools for the job

You can count on these results:

  1. Learn how to choose the right soldering Iron
  2. Learn how to change the soldering Iron tip head
  3. Learn what is the best solder out there, and why it is the best
  4. Learn how to clean your soldering Iron
  5. Learn how to extend soldering Iron life span
  6. Learn what are the right tools you need to have to keep yourself safe while soldering and solder the right way
  7. Learn the difference between good soldering and bad soldering with real-life examples
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Bonus 2: How to Buy Electronics Components

Welcome to How to Buy Electronic Components course.

Few weeks earlier I passed by a local electronics store where I found an Arduino Training kit, asked for it’s price which was really high 150$, a week later I found it on an Online Shopping store that offers free shipping to my country, costing only 30$, the very same package, with the same components inside the package, bought it as my first try and it was delivered to my doorsteps in no time, so I saved 120$ and got the same item and broke my online shopping phobia.

In this course, I will teach you the exact same steps that I followed and the store I used to purchase, how to get the highest quality at the lowest possible price + Free shipping.

Buying Electronics From the Internet is a really easy thing to do, it’s all about your first purchase, then you will find yourself buying everything you need, not just electronics.

What you will get after taking How to Buy Electronic Components course.

  • Step by step process on how to find the most trusted stores online to purchase from.
  • How to check if a certain seller is trustworthy and have good feedback and number of sales.
  • Finding the lowest possible price with the highest possible quality.
  • Tracking your purchase and make sure that you got the right product.
  • Get a full refund/your money back in case you didn’t get the right product.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Interested in Learning The tools required to have your own Electronics Lab at Home
  • Anyone Looking to Set Up an Electronics Home Lab and looking for the best Tools and Equipment
  • Electronics Geeks
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineers
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Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools and Equipment, FreeTuts Download

Download  Set Up an Electronics Home Lab Tools and Equipment  Free

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