Shortcut your way through pattern design Free Download
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Shortcut your way through pattern design, FreeTuts Download

Shortcut your way through pattern design   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class


Have you ever struggled to make a repeating pattern in Procreate because you found it too fiddly to drag and drop your images around? This course will show you how to make some simple shortcuts that will make the process so easy! No complex graphic design programs are needed.

Or have you never made a seamless repeating pattern and want somewhere to start? This course is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to make seamless pattern designs using drawing programs on their iPad.

The beauty of making the shortcuts is that once they are made, you don’t have to make them again, so you can concentrate on making really cool patterns.

I hope you enjoy this class and find it useful!

Requirements for the class

  • iPad (software version 12 or later)
  • Any drawing app (I’ll be using Procreate for the demonstration)


Shortcuts App


The image changes colour when I use the shortcut – Make sure your canvas is set to sRGB


Download  Shortcut your way through pattern design  Free

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