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Simple Stock Market Trading Course – StockSutra by Ex-IAS – All   Free Tutorial Download


Stock Sutra – stock market trading course by Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Ex-IAS/ Allied, UPSC 1986, Govt. of India (Former Deputy Director-General of Foreign Trade, Mumbai) & Financial Markets Researcher, Trader & Teacher [15 Yrs.] I How to create massive wealth trading stocks, currency/ forex, commodity, short term trading (intraday/ day trading) & long term trading (Positional trades) I How to mint wealth in stock market trading.   

Through my course, I unravel the step-by-step 10 secrets/ sutras/ rules/ steps that will help you acquire massive wealth in stock market trading.

It is the mother of all stock market trading courses as it is in very simple to understand (non-technical words) language, easy to follow & use, an enjoyable learning experience, a complete course.

In this course, I will be sharing with you my own personal trading system that I painstakingly developed over 15 years & use same each day to reap massive profits from the stock market, forex/ currency market, commodity market & futures market. I encourage you to replicate the same in your trading life.


I have created this course with complete passion and crystallized all my over 15 years of knowledge & experience into a simple course.

At the end of this course, you will be competent to trade any market (stocks, forex/ currency, commodity, futures) in any country with confidence & precision.


1. It teaches directional trading that is very simple to grasp & follow. In simplest words, it is means biking down the road with all the twists & turns.

2. The course teaches rule-based trading. What it means is that we just follow a set of rules that you will learn here. It helps to remove powerful emotions like greed & fear. These rules emerged over the course of the entire history of stock market trading running into several centuries. If you compare with driving our bike, it is the same. We drive our bikes following certain rules.

2. It is for the year 2020 & thereafter.

3. You can trade all markets (stocks, currency, commodity & futures) & all countries in the world.

4. It is a 10 step course.

5. It is a complete course & not a promotional set of videos. You will never be asked to go to some other site to buy the actual course.

6. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to learn stock market trading. All you need is a simple school education 10 to 12 years, working knowledge of the English language & computers.

7. Course length: 3.5 hours broken into short videos.

8. The entire learning is very enjoyable like watching a movie/ reading a novel.


In the world of stock trading, there are just 4 questions –

i. What to buy or which stock to buy.

ii. When to buy.

iii. When to sell.

iv. How much money I am ready to risk for the grand reward (minting wealth).

There is no 5th question we need to break our head about.

To answer these questions we need the 2 powerful keys –

i. How to read stock direction accurately (Key 1)

ii. How to calculate risk & manage the same (Key 2)

Above is the basic logic/ premise around which this entire course is built.

And this logic is not mine. This is the logic that past great traders built their own trading system/ philosophy around.

But this knowledge is scattered in hundreds of books around the world which is very hard for a common man to get.

I studied them in-depth investing in my own huge time, money & energy.

I practiced the day in day out.

The end result is very rewarding as not only I created my own trading system based on rock solid foundations but also creating this simple course to benefit all.

As you move through this course and come to the end, you will be acquiring the 2 master keys to unlock the treasure kingdom & master the answers to the 4 questions that I mentioned above.

And that’s it.

Below is a break-up of steps that this course will go through.



i. Why did I create this class?

ii. Care needed during the learning period.

iii. How to get the maximum benefit from this class.


Advantages & dangers in stock trading.


i. What is stock trading.

ii. How money is made & lost in stock trading?


Traits & tools needed to be a successful stock trader.

Every work requires certain disciplines & tools. You will learn the 5 different traits & 4 tools needed to become a successful stock trader.


How to read stock direction through charts (all about charts). – KEY 1

If we can learn to read stock direction accurately, it is worth a fortune.


Risk Management (All about risk) – KEY 2


The trading system (What is a trading system & its use)


How to trade stocks.

Here you will primarily learn about trading stock futures – the fastest way to wealth creation.


How to trade forex/ currency


How to trade commodity


Dancing with stocks.


You will learn important golden rules to guide you through real trading when feeling doubtful, confused & in great fear.

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At the end of each sutra, there is a fun quiz project to self-test your knowledge on that sutra.


You would get active and prompt support not only during the class but for the rest of your trading career.

You are encouraged to contact me with your questions, doubts, and suggestions through the Q&A section.

I assure you a reply within 24 hours.

There is no bar on the number of questions that you can ask.

In fact the more the better as I will know you are a serious student.

Our relationship is life long. Any time you need me in your active trading career I am always there.


1.RAMESH VENKATA, India. Rating – 5/ 5. Review – “I purchased various courses in Udemy. Most of them just give a glimpse of trading and suggest personal courses to buy. The first time I’m truly impressed to see once own trading method and strategy being revealed in an easy and simple to understand manner. It’s like a road map to develop the skill of trading. Thank You Sir for the nice course and helping me in getting the right direction towards trading.”

2. TALLIE HAMPTON, USA. Rating – 5/ 5. Review – Mr. Pramod! The course is a rule-based simple ABC system. A road map to becoming a professional trader. All is explained in a simple and repeatable manner. Thank you Sir for your labor of love, peace, and blessing. Very engaging course.

3. ADITYA BAKSHI, India. Rating – 5/ 5. Review – Enjoyed the course. Learnt a lot! The instructor is a little slow in his delivery of concepts, but its overall well structured.

4. NARENDRA GILHARE, India. Rating – 5/ 5. Review – Vey good

5. SUJAY KR GHOSH, India. Rating – 5/ 5. Review – Good course for beginners.

6. CHINMAY, Australia. Rating – 5/ 5. Review – Simple but effective.

7. Other 5 star ratings by – Akshay Khanna, Aravindh, Jayakrishna Gopu, Lakshmi Vijay Pasham, Vipul Sawant.

8. ANAND NENE. Rating – 4.5/5. Review – The course teaches you the basics of the stock market and also the instructor shares his experience and his trading strategy. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course for someone who is new to the stock market.

All the above ratings & reviews are available on udemy website.


Stock trading is not rocket science. In fact, it is very simple and rule-based.

It is as simple or difficult as learning to ride a cycle or learning a new dance.

Learn, Practice, and then Trade.

Our human race suffers from 2 huge problems/ challenges in our constant quest for peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Peace, prosperity & happiness has been the constant struggle & the ultimate goal of human society from the time we came on this planet.

Towards this objective humans developed & experimented with various economic systems (bartered trade, capitalism, communism, socialism), political systems (monarchy, democracy), religious systems (Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam); family systems (marriage, live-in partners) but each found only partial success. Great thinkers, philosophers, spiritualists (Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Gandhi) worked to solve this unending quest. But they too found only partial success.

And the two problems/ challenges/ hurdles are these –

I. THE NEED FOR BASIC MINIMUM REGULAR MONEY – Everyone needs to earn a basic minimum regular monthly income that would take care of their basic day to day needs to live gracefully and respectfully in society.

To earn this basic minimum money one should be not be working round the clock which unfortunately today is a harsh reality,

We should be working just a few hours (2 to 3 hours) a day so that we have enough time to engage in activities (seeking truth, spending more time with family, hobbies, etc.) that will make our life journey truly full, enjoyable & worth living.

I have created this course aimed at this objective.


The other problem is GREED FOR MONEY.

Our mind is like a monkey – cunning, ever-chattering & ever-demanding.

The moment the monkey goes on one branch of a tree, it wants to go on the other.

And then on to another.

This goes on and on, leading to chaos, confusion taking us further away from our goal of peace prosperity & happiness.

Having fulfilled the 1st need (basic minimum regular income) our mind traps us to work for more money to buy things that we actually don’t need thereby reducing us to a mere money-making machine.

Money has no doubt its great importance for today we need it to buy even water. Money has increased human longevity and given us better living standards.

But this is also true that more money has also moved us more away from peace & happiness.

To help solve the 2nd problem, I will soon be creating my 2nd course > Self-realization: Simple Yoga & Meditation, to help tame the monkey in our minds.

II Sarve Bhavantu Sukinah II May All Be Happy II

Best wishes

Pramod Kumar Agrawal

Financial market research, trading, teaching 15 Yrs. II Ex-IAS/ Allied, Govt. of India (UPSC 1986 IAS exam)

India, Goa

December 2019

Who this course is for:

  • All Levels (Any one who wishes to mint massive wealth)


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