Animation Basics – Easy & Realistic Ball Bounces in After Effects


Animation Basics – Easy & Realistic Ball Bounces in After Effects Free Tutorial Download

About This Class

In this class, I will introduce you one of the animation basics, which is ball bounce. It is essential to know how to animate a proper bounce as it will come in handy when you work on real client project. There is a really high chance that you will have a bouncing scene in your animation. Maybe not with a ball in particular. However, once you understand the basics and the rules behind it, you can make anything bounce however you like and add fun character to your object. It’s what professional animators do all the time.

Below are the things you will learn in this class.


• Concepts of a ball bounce

• What ball bounce look like in real life

• How different weights of the ball will affect the bounce

• Rules behind ball bounce in real life

• Animate light ball in After Effects

• Animate heavy ball in After Effects

• Control your bounce with value graph in graph editor

• How to animate complex scene with value graph

• Tips and Tricks in After Effects

• Shortcuts in After Effects.

At the end, I also include a fun assignment for you to work on and practice the skills learnt in this class.

This class if for someone who already have experience with After Effects and know the software layout and where to find some basic tools. If you are a complete beginner of the software, please check out my other beginner classes before you take this one.

Let’s have some fun and start animating!

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Animation Basics – Easy & Realistic Ball Bounces in After Effects, Free Tutorials Download

Download Animation Basics – Easy & Realistic Ball Bounces in After Effects   Free

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