Create a Basic Video Game AI in Unity Using C#


About This Class
In this class, you will learn the principles of an Artificial Intelligence in Video Games and you’ll learn how to implement it in Unity using the C# language.

I’ll teach you how an AI works in a video game and what are the Algorithms that you can use to implement a simple AI for your game.


At the end of this course, you will be able to create basic AIs for your games and you’ll have a clear vision on how you can create more complex AIs.

A basic knowledge of Unity and C# is recommended for this lesson.

Download the Code from HERE


During this class you will learn

  • The Basic Theories of Artificial Intelligence
  • What are State Machines and Decision Trees
  • What are deterministic and non-deterministic games
  • The Algorithms that exist for creating AIs and what are their pros and cons
    How to be creative while creating an AI
  • —————————

The structure of the class is as follows:

  • Introduction: see what the class is about!
  • Project Structure Part 1: Download the code and start to get to know the game objects in the Unity scene
  • Project Structure Part 2: Get familiar with the code that is already written and get ready for the AI part
  • Theories of AI: State Machines: Learn the basics of AI in video games and see what are state machines and decision trees
  • Random Algorithm: Dive into the AI code and learn how to create a basic AI that does random actions
  • Greedy Algorithm: Understand the pros and cons of greedy algorithm and learn how you can implement it
  • Smart Algorithm: Learn how you can use your creativity to mix algorithms in order to create a cool AI
    Final Overview: See what you can do beyond this class

Create a Basic Video Game AI in Unity Using C#, Free Tutorials Download

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

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