Creativity in Action – 10 Challenges To Make Ideas Happen


Creativity in Action – 10 Challenges To Make Ideas Happen  Free Tutorial Download

Creativity is more than just coming up with ideas – it’s about bringing them into reality. And it’s all the more enjoyable if you laugh your way through the process!

If you want to step into your most creative self, you’ve come to the right place. In this class, you’ll join TV host, writer, and entrepreneur Esteban Gast on a fun journey to shake up your creative process and come out with truly unique ideas. Esteban will be joined by his alter ego, “The Professor”, to keep him in check as he goes through the challenges with you.


The 10 challenges in this class are designed to make you laugh and get inspired. Going through each of them will help you think differently, spark new connections, and bring fresh ideas into reality. The goal of the class is simple: share context on the inner-workings of creativity and then go through activities to help you come up with ideas and feel empowered to go into the world and create.  You will leave the class with actionable tools and activities that you can rely on for coming up with great ideas and bringing them to life.

You’ll go through the following 10 challenges to jumpstart your creativity:

  1. No Expectations – Brainstorming the worst ideas
  2. Writing the “Shortest Short Story
  3. Going Big with an idea, with no limitations
  4. Creating Unexpected Connections
  5. Uncovering Originality in an idea
  6. Leaning into Curiosity: Redesigning the mundane
  7. Creative self-reflection activity
  8. Finding inspiration in nature and building your own inspiration list
  9. Planning tiny actions to make ideas happen
  10. Building creative systems for yourself to build positive habits

Each of the challenges will reveal creative insights and thoughtful approaches to break through barriers and bring out your best work.

Who is this class for? This class will be helpful for all forms of creatives. Whether you’re an illustrator looking to bring fresh ideas into your drawings, a writer looking to come up with your next story, or a hobbyist creative looking to take on a fresh approach, you’ll find this class to be useful in approaching your medium of choice more creatively.  If you have ever felt stuck or had big ideas that you’ve struggled to bring to life, this class will help you build a toolkit of activities to work through creative barriers. Alternatively, if you’ve found yourself creating similar things in your creative field, this class will help you spark new ideas and directions to take your work in.

See you in class!

Creativity in Action – 10 Challenges To Make Ideas Happen, Free Tutorials Download

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