Find Your Style – How To Develop Your Own Lettering Aesthetic


About This Class
As creatives, your style serves as an artistic identity – it’s what helps to define you as an artist… but how do you develop a style? In this class, we’re going to take a very practical, beginner-friendly approach to style development.

Although this class will not give you a style, it will help you learn how to practice your lettering in a logical and intentional way that will help you reach your goal of finding your own aesthetic.


The beauty of having a defined creative style is that it’s more than just a visual calling card, it can also help you build a thriving art brand where clients seek you out for your unique aesthetic.

Throughout the class, I will be working digitally on the iPad Pro, using the Procreate app but you’re welcome to work in whatever medium you prefer. An iPad is not required for this class.

Although the project will be lettering based, this class is not just for lettering artists. The principles can be applied to any creative focus, whether that’s illustration, painting, or fine art.

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