Finding Fulfillment – Using Pivots to Power Your Creative Career


About This Class
Are you ready to live a more joy-filled life and begin taking responsibility for your own dream? Join multi-hyphenate star Emma Gannon as she shares the power of making a creative pivot and how making a change can be the key to professional and personal fulfillment.

Emma Gannon is no stranger to jumping career lanes. From marketing to social media to blogging to podcasting and then to bonafide best selling author, Emma has navigated and perfected the tender waters of keeping afloat while laying pavement for a new and more enriched path. Mining insights from her own experiences and those of three other successful creators, Emma shares her process for discovering how you can make your own pivot towards happiness and a more fulfilled life.


This 70-minute class is packed with:

Practical and inspiring exercises designed to kick start and map out your own pivot.
Insights on time management, financial planning, and removing the pressure as you begin to make your move.
Exploration on rediscovering your passion and taking active steps towards becoming responsible for your own dreams.
Re-examining past sparks of happiness and joy to help define and structure new goals.
Plus, join Emma as she explores the career pivots of three of her favorite creatives working today, and discover different ways you might apply their learnings to your own life:

Danielle Clough loved hands-on art as a kid, but struggled to recapture the joy of making in adulthood. She pursued that feeling through a series of multi-hyphenate career experiments, including advertising, photography, and radio. Playing with different mediums in search of all the outlets of her creativity, Danielle realized it was right under her nose.
Robert Generette III recalls his experience as a high school art teacher who, in listening to his students’ needs, taught himself creative programs that would lead him to a pivot to becoming an award-winning illustrator with a heavy hitting client list.
Yasmine Cheyenne takes us through her journey from Air Force to mental health advocate and a diversity, equity and inclusion expert. Speaking on how every professional experience she had naturally, built towards the next opportunity that presented itself and led to several pivots naturally occurring and building on top of each other.
Whether you’re feeling passionate about changing careers, need to recharge your professional battery, or just want to find a way to insert a little more joy into your life, after taking this class you’ll have the actionable tips and the inspiration you need to make your own creative pivot. Use this class as the catalyst to live a more joy-filled life, take action toward your dreams, and step up to your next creative calling.

These lessons are intended for everyone and are accessible wherever you are in your journey.

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