How to Draw Comic Style Noses – Male and Female


How to Draw Comic Style Noses – Male and Female   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class

Ever struggle drawing a nose? We have all been there. They are tricky to get right and require a lot of practice. Here are some of the techniques that I have developed over the years!

For Traditional and Digital Artists – Not Software Specific


This set includes 5 Video Lessons and the Art Files to study from. The total run time of this video set is 52 Minute and 29 Seconds.

You will learn how to draw male and female noses in a variety of positions as well as how to define the plane changes. You will learn what details to enhance and which ones to make more subtle to illustrate male to female. You will also learn how to add rendering techniques to add depth.

Here is a break down of the lessons you will receive :

L1 – Using Basic Shapes to Draw the Nose – (9:13)

L2 – Drawing Noses on a Downward Angle – (11:19)

L3 – Drawing Noses on an Upward Angle – (16:50)

L4 – Technique for Improving Your Understanding of the Forms – (5:28)

L5 – Drawing and Rendering a Variety of Noses – (9:39)

PDF – ( Includes all the art files )

I hope you find value in these lessons and I am here if you have any questions! Thank you for your continued support and good luck with your studies! 😉

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics

How to Draw Comic Style Noses – Male and Female, Free Tutorials Download


Download  How to Draw Comic Style Noses – Male and Female  Free

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