How to Draw with a Fountain Pen


How to Draw with a Fountain Pen   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class

Using a fountain pen to draw is fun and easy!

In this beginner’s course on drawing with a fountain pen, you’ll learn what makes a fountain pen special, the inks suitable for drawing, three common pen nibs used for drawing and pen maintenance.


This course is suitable for beginners with no prior knowledge of art.

Tools needed: Fountain pens with a typical nib, fude nib and flex nib.

Here are the lessons in this 59-min course:

  1. Intro (1 min)
  2. Parts of a fountain pen (7 min)
  3. Fountain pen inks (6 min)
  4. Three types of pen nibs for drawing (11 min)
  5. Drawing with a normal nib (9 min)
  6. Drawing with a fude nib (8 min)
  7. Drawing with a flex nib (10 min)
  8. Pen maintenance (6 min)
  9. Goodbye (1 min)

How to Draw with a Fountain Pen, Free Tutorials Download


Download  How to Draw with a Fountain Pen  Free

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