Motion Graphics Animation in Maya – Animate A 3D Looping Mobius Strip


About This Class
Quickly learn how to to create a mesmerizing and loopable ‘Mobius’ strip in Autodesk Maya.

In this course you will learn:


Basic tools of Maya
Use and animate deformers
Create a ‘MASH’ network
How to customize the animation
Apply Shader Presets
Light with an HDRI image
Render animation as an image sequence
Combine image sequences in After Effects
You will need:

Autodesk Maya (free trial here)
After Effects, or similar to compile the image sequence (free trial here)
This course is for the total beginner or someone new to 3D who is frustrated that it takes hours to make something in 3D. This course is only 35 minutes!

I move kind of fast to keep the course short, so don’t hesitate to ask a question in the Discussion area.

Download the project files in the Projects & Resources tab and once you finish please share your work in a Project there as well.

Grab some tea or coffee and let’s crank out a cool, shareable looping animation and introduce you to how quickly and easily you can animate in 3D!

See you in class!

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Motion Graphics Animation in Maya – Animate A 3D Looping Mobius Strip, Free Tutorials Download

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

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