Papercraft Flowers – Beautiful, Lifelike Florals Anyone Can Make


About This Class
Join artisan Emily Paluska in this stunning and delightful class all about how to make paper flowers — and about the power of creativity in your daily life.

Emily found papercrafting after the birth of her first child, when postpartum depression made her feel like she was disappearing, and creating something every day was one of the many ways she worked toward feeling whole. Emily shares her story, her insights, and her perspective on creativity and life with refreshing candor and uplifting humor, all while teaching fundamental papercrafting skills.


With Emily’s lighthearted and approachable teaching style, you’ll learn how to:

Choose the right paper and supplies for your flowers
Create stems, leaves, and other greenery
Create realistic pollen and stamens
Fold and manipulate paper until it looks like a real life petal
Emily will teach you how to make a variety of flowers, plus some easy greenery, so that by the end of the class you’ll have an undying bouquet you can display for yourself or give as a gift. Plus, you’ll have a new method of self-expression and a meditative crafting hobby to enjoy over and over!


Emily’s class was created with beginners in mind, but is suitable for anyone who would like to learn Emily’s methods. A full materials list is available in the class resources, plus Skillshare students can enjoy the following discounts from Emily’s favorite suppliers!

Discounts and Suppliers

Get Emily’s paper flower kit! Each contains materials for three of each flower created in this class.
Enjoy an exclusive 10% off for Skillshare students at Emily’s favorite Italian crepe paper supplier, Carte Fini. Use the code SKILSHARE1 at checkout.
Enjoy an exclusive 10% off spun cotton and other craft supplies from Emily’s go-to, Smile Mercantile. Use this link or code: REVERY10.
And enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on floral wire, floral tape, and German crepe paper at Emily’s favorite German crepe paper supplier, Rose Mille. Use the code SKILL10 at checkout.

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