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About This Class

Julia Troy, Quirky’s Design Director, teaches you how to take your product idea from an image in your head to a presentation-worthy sketch that effectively communicates your invention and its purpose.

Quirky is an invention platform that brings real people’s product ideas to life. In this class, you’ll learn about the skills behind product sketching and how to convey an idea’s details, features, and functions on a single sheet of paper. Sketching is one of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate your invention idea. Once you’ve mastered this skill, you’ll be one step closer to submitting your idea on


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert designer, this class is for you. All you need is an idea and a problem to solve.

Quirky is a New York City-based invention company. Ordinary people with extraordinary imaginations submit ideas to Quirky every day. To take the best of those ideas from sketchbook to store shelves, in-house designers and engineers collaborate with an online community on nearly every aspect of development. When a product is sold, Quirky shares a cut of the revenue with all those who had an impact.

Hands-on Class Project

Create an industrial sketch of your product idea to share in the class gallery and submit to Quirky


Sketch your idea using the industrial design principles detailed in the class lessons. Make sure your sketch clearly demonstrates the purpose of your product and how to use it. Share your sketches in the class gallery to illustrate your process, and exchange feedback with other students. Once you’ve finalized your sketches, you can upload your idea to for a chance to have your idea turned into a real product!


Share your industrial sketch in the project gallery. A finished project includes:

  1. One sketch with at least 3 different views of the product, including a hero image
  2. Color and inked lines
  3. One process sketch


Materials needed for the class:

  • Paper
  • Black pen (no pencils!)
  • Black marker
  • Straight-edge/ruler
  • Color marker/highlighter
  • Reference material (objects, photos, print-outs to look at)

Sketch like an Industrial Designer, Free Tutorials Download


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