Unleashing Power Pivot and DAX in Excel for Beginners!


About This Class
In this course, the student will learn how to use Power Pivot in Excel and perform complex calculations using the DAX formula language. This course is excellent for beginners who want to learn Power Pivot & DAX from scratch.

This course offers tremendous value as a beginner’s course. The student will get out of this course with a thorough understanding of Power Pivot & DAX and also using Power Query along the way.


This course will take the student step by step through the journey of learning Data Modeling, Power Pivot, & DAX.

We will also be using Power Query as a tool to Extract, Load & Transform (ETL) our data.

First, we will start by learning how to enable Power Pivot in Excel
Then, we will load the data into our Data Model using Power Query and create relationships between our tables
We will also explore the different types of relationships and understand the difference between them
Afterward, we will explore Measures and Calculated Columns and understand the difference between them
We will also learn the difference between Implicit Measures & Explicit Measures
Moreover, we will learn about the Filter Context & the Row Context and understand the difference between them
Furthermore, we will learn about the RELATED() and RELATEDTABLE() functions and understand the difference between them
Also, we will be installing DAX Studio and having multiple examples on how to use it to troubleshoot and verify the results of your DAX formulas
Afterwards, we will learn about Iterator functions in DAX such as SUMX(), AVERAGEX() & FILTER(), and we will be explaining the difference between the X and Non-X functions ( e.g. SUM() vs SUMX())
We will also be dedicating multiple videos to the FILTER() function and explaining how to use it solve different problems and get the desired results
Then, we will be exploring super important Table Functions such as ALL(), ALLSELECTED(), VALUES() and DISTINCT() and we will explain the difference between VALUES() & DISTINCT() functions
Moreover, we will be exploring Variables in DAX and explain how to use them to make your formulas easier to read and troubleshoot and faster to execute
And of course, we will be explaining the CALCULATE() function which is the most important function in DAX, and we will be explaining how to use it to change the filter contexts of your calculations to get the results that you want
In addition to CALCULATE(), we will be explaining the CALCULATETABLE() function and showing a great example on calculating the number of new customers acquired each day in our store. We will also be explaining the difference between CALCULATE() & CALCULATETABLE()
Afterward, we will dive into Time Intelligence Calculations in DAX, where we will build a Calendar Table from scratch using Power Query
After building the Calendar Table, we will explore how to perform Time Intelligence Calculations such as YTD, Previous Periods, Moving Running Total, Moving Average & Weekly Time Intelligence Calculations
You will also be getting all the needed Example files to follow along and you will be having exercises along with answers throughout the course in order to get hands-on practice!
I’m confident that you will be getting outstanding value from this course, so make sure to watch the class to join the ELITE EXCEL POWER USERS!!


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