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About This Class
Webflow is a great tool for designing and building sites on the web. It does this by letting designers build both static, as well as dynamic and database-driven sites without having to write code. Webflow changes the way we design and develop websites by allowing us to work quickly while still complying with industry standards. We believe it deserves the title “the next WordPress” because of how much better it is than other design tools out there. In this course you will learn how to use Webflow in order to design your own website with CMS and get to know more advanced Webflow features!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:


Advanced Webflow Techniques
CMS, Collections and working with Editor
Complete Bloggin System in Webflow
Working with Style Guide
Search engine based on Elastic Search
Hosting on Webflow, domains, SEO
CMS in Webflow

With the CMS, you have the ability to define a database and corresponding structure in Webflow through its intuitive Editor module. In this course, we’ll explore how the CMS works by creating collections and using dynamic data on Webflow pages – as well as within collection-based sites in Webflow. We’ll define each collection so that we can easily access it and add items later, both from Designer and Editor.

Dynamic Blog & Search

In the second part of our Webflow course, we’ll create a blog with dynamic content and then embed it into an existing static site that we prepared in the first course. You’ll learn everything you need to know about how the CMS functions and how to use its more advanced features. This course will provide you with a variety of lessons that will enable you to enhance your website’s functionality and incorporate business logic without having to use server languages. We’ll build an index-based search engine with is the best open system for searching and returning results.

Editor and CMS

Advanced Editor functions in Webflow will let your client edit the page directly in the browser. This is a readymade CMS that is very intuitive and allows for both quick changes in the copy and images on your page, as well as managing and staging collection items. This way we’ll set up adding new blog posts, author and categories!

Integrations and SEO

We will also create a number of useful integrations based on no-code solutions such as Zapier or Integromat. Nowadays you can build advanced functions previously reserved for back-end, and you can do it without a single line of code. In addition, I’ll explain best practices in the context of SEO of your Webflow websites.

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