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New Section: Percentages

  • New Design
  • Lecture: What Is The Tip ?
  • Lecture: What’s The Price Including The Tax ?
  • Lecture: What’s The Discount in % ?
  • Closed Captions Available In All New Lectures

All Other Lectures Will Be Re-Edited

  • Starting With The Section “Squaring”
  • Re-Edited Lectures Are Signed With *RE*
  • *RE*: New Design & Closed Captions



Welcome to becoming a mathematical Brainiac!

This course will increase your mathematical skills many times faster and will teach you methods you don’t ever want to miss again.

In a time where math skills are reduced to type on a pocket calculator or to click a mouse cursor, this course will re-activate your ability to use your brain.

By enrolling in this course you will not only improve your mathematical knowledge, you will improve your intellectual power – Learning formates new synapses in your brain!

Get lifetime access to the course including new lectures coming all the time!


What students are saying about this course:

Easy to follow and a lot of things to know!

The instructor givesa great insight in ways to fasten mathematics and furthermore teaches alot of techniques that improved my math skills. The clear voice made iteasy to follow the instructor. I recommend this course for all levelsbecause there is no previous knowledge needed and a lot of methods thatalso advanced mathematicians can learn and should know. Nice job. Bruno Hujer, 5 stars

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I really like this course. The instructor is very familiar to the mathematics subject and explains it all clearly.

The lectures are perfect to make calculations with your head faster and to learn methods where you do not need a calculator.

It makes fun to improve my mathematics abilities with this course and to use my brain again! Very helpful! Sandeep Srivastava, 5 stars

very helpful course with good explanations and well structured

a very nice course that taught me a lot of maths tricks and helped mespeed up calculating without a calculator. i liked the lessons aboutcalculating square numbers and those ancient methods of multiplying themost. very clear structure. good length of vids. can’t wait for morelessons to come. Anthony Madden, 5 stars


And now I wish you lots of fun and new knowledge by being part of a course that is going to grow bigger and bigger by new added lectures. There is so much more to teach and to develope everyones brain. Feel free to ask me questions about math topics, i will respond to every single one of them. I hope to hear from you!




Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to become faster in calculating.
  • Everyone who wants to improve his or her brain.
  • Teacher who want to teach their students methods that will increase the interest in mathematics.
  • Parents who want to show their children that maths can be fun!
  • Everyone who always ran away from mathematics because he / she was afraid of miscalculating.

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