Software Ethical Hacking – How to Crack Software Legally Free Download
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Software Ethical Hacking – How to Crack Software Legally, FreeTuts Download

 Software Ethical Hacking – How to Crack Software Legally   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • How to crack software serial number keys
  • Remove Nag Screen Reminders asking you to register
  • Convert Trial Software to Fully Functional Software
  • Extend 30-day Trial Period Software
  • Learn Reverse Engineering and Assembly Language
  • How to Crack Software For Fun by solving CrackMe Challenges
  • Cracking Auto-Generated Serial Keys
  • How to create keygens
  • Serial fishing
  • Remove software protection
  • Using loaders to bypass protection
  • Defeating anti-debugging
  • Decompiling software
  • Cracking VB p-code
  • Setup a sandbox cracking lab
  • Cracking .NET software
  • Cracking Visual Basic software
  • and much more…
  • Windows PC
  • Basic knowledge in C, Assembly Language and Win32 API would be helpful but not mandatory

If you want to learn how to crack software legally, the fun and easy way like playing a computer game, then this course is for you. There exists on the Internet several websites which provide specially designed software for you to crack in order to learn reverse engineering .  These software are called CrackMe’s or ReverseMe’s.  A CrackMe is a small program designed to test a programmer’s reverse engineering skills. They are programmed by other reversers as a legal way to crack software, since no intellectual property is being infringed upon.

These CrackMe’s typically have different levels from easy to advanced. By cracking each level and gradually levelling up, you will learn reverse engineering (reversing).  Traditionally, reverse engineering is taught by first learning C/C++, assembly language and then debugging. There are no formal courses which teach software cracking as it is deemed illegal to crack licensed software.  But in this course we will crack CrackMe’s and not licensed proprietary software. That way we won’t be breaking any laws. This way of learning can be pretty exciting but can be quite difficult unless you have an instructor to guide you step-by-step.

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In this course, I will show you the world of reversing (cracking software), where you will enjoy the thrills of hacking software (CrackMe’s) legally and solving each level and going from easy and gradually to more advanced levels – just like playing online games.  The software we will be cracking is provided by CrackingLessons and Crackmes One which are a popular reverser’s playground where hackers play cracking games much like CTF (Capture the Flag) and learn at the same time. Information on cracking software on the Internet is terse and unstructured. Hence this course. I will walk through each level just like in a classroom where you can follow along and ask questions in the Q & A section. All you need is a PC running Windows. I will show you where to download x64dbg disassembler and debugger, install and configure it as well as other tools we will be using.

Great way to get started in assembly programming and reverse engineering:

If you had always wanted to learn assembly and reverse engineering, what better way than to learn how to crack software (legally). So, I invite you to learn to crack software (legally) and in the process, you will also learn assembly language and reverse engineering. This is much more fun & exciting than learning it the traditional way – the boring way through formal IT courses and books. You will be killing 2 birds with one stone, i.e. learning how to crack software and also learn assembly/reverse engineering.  This course is also a great stepping stone to other Reverse Engineering fields like malware analysis, exploits development and software testing.  So let’s get started in your journey of cracking to learn.

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Money back guarantee:

This course is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.  So, go ahead and enroll in this course now and start cracking software the fun and easy way!  And more importantly, the legal way!

Who this course is for:
  • Programmers who want to level up their skill to reverse engineering software
  • IT or computing students who want to know how software works internally
  • Anyone interested in solving CrackMe’s for fun as a hobby.


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