Sponsorship Strategy toolkit Free Download
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Sponsorship Strategy toolkit, FreeTuts Download

Sponsorship Strategy toolkit   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of sport sponsorship industry


  • Some experience in marketing or sports management


Learn how to create and present a comprehensive sponsorship strategy from territory definition to ROI measurement.

You will be provided with strategic tools such as sponsorship canvas, OGSM or ROI dashboard to start creating your own sponsorship plans and proposals.

The professor will be available to review your exercises and guide you on the best adoption of these tools.

There are 4 blocks at the course:

– context and new paradigm of sponsorship industry

–  assessment of sponsorship proposal and business model

– OGSM to create the sponsorship masterplan

– ROI measurement and its complexity.

Join today and start using the available resources

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and mid management sponsorship and sports Marketing professionals


Download Sponsorship Strategy toolkit   Free

Go to Download Tutorials Page

Password : freetuts.download

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