SQL Essentials – A Whole New Way of Learning SQL for Anyone!


Most SQL courses I’ve seen teach it in the same old way that I struggled with when I first learned SQL.  I set out a long time ago to come up with a better way to approach the topic that would be much easier and faster to learn.  This new method has worked well and now you have the chance to learn from this method also!

What You’ll Learn

  • The five fundamentals of SQL – The theory behind SQL
  • How to use the five fundamentals to guide your SQL query development and understanding
  • How to read, write, and understand inner and outer joins
  • How to read, write, and understand groupings and aggregate functions
  • Use joins and grouping patterns that will help you validate data assumptions and explore data

Why Learn SQL?

SQL is a skill that is in high demand.  Take it from me, I am a data professional and there is certainly no shortage of great paying jobs and career paths using data and SQL.  I’ve also interacted with many people that are not data professionals, that all wished they knew SQL better because it was a part of their job as well!

What’s So Special About This Course?

There are a lot of SQL courses out there.  Most of the time it’s basically a long winded list of code, syntax, and descriptions of what things are, but with no real application or teaching on how they work together and what’s really going on.  In other words, nobody actually understands it well enough to query their own databases after the class is over.  It also takes years of practice to really “get it.”  I can personally attest to this problem.  When I took my first database class in college, I didn’t do very well and I even decided I’d never deal with databases again.  It was very frustrating!  This class aims to fix this issue by teaching you how to approach any query in a repeatable process, and to teach you what properties of a dataset to pay attention to in order to assure understanding, query success, and data accuracy.

I’ve also found that most people that already know SQL (and some are pretty good at it!) still struggle with understanding the primary concepts in this course, joins and groupings.  Most people just guess at which join type to use, see what the results look like, and hope for the best.  This course is the fix for that.  After going through this course you should have no doubt in your mind at all which join to use, why you’re using it, and have a similar confidence with groupings and aggregate functions as well.  If you can understand these two main concepts(joins and groupings), just about everything else in SQL is based on these two concepts and SQL becomes easy.  That’s why this course contains mostly material on these two areas, they really are the essentials of SQL!

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Finally, this course is shorter than most.  Other courses will try and teach you everything.  In my experience, this is counterproductive because 80% or more of what was in the course is not used or even necessary, and serves to be even more confusing and overwhelming.  By shortening this course to teach the essentials, the course is a lot less intimidating, and it’s all you need for most queries.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Anyone that wants to learn SQL or enhance their skills with SQL
  • Anyone that has taken another SQL class and still can’t seem to understand how joins or groupings work
  • Anyone that wants to learn SQL faster and easier
  • Anyone that is frustrated with how SQL was taught to you or if you’re just not that confident in your SQL abilities
  • Students, developers, budding data professionals, data scientists, managers, accountants, marketers, report writers, etc.


You need a modern Windows computer with access to install software in order to do the examples and labs in this course because it is based on SQL Server.  This is technically optional, but I highly recommend doing the labs to get the most benefit from this course.

This course doesn’t start at absolute zero, but it is a beginner level course.  Before you start this course you should know what a database is, and be able to write and understand very basic queries.  By very basic, I’m talking about being able to pull data from one table and filter the rows with a where clause.  Once you can do that, you’re ready to learn joins and start this course.

What Are You Waiting For?

I’m excited to teach people SQL with this new method I created and I sincerely hope that it will serve you well any time you need to use SQL!  I have already helped many others using this method with great results.  I invite you to give this course a try.  With the 30 day money back guarantee, you can’t lose!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn SQL
  • Anyone that’s already taken a SQL class and found it too hard or confusing
  • Students or experienced professionals of anything that may require some SQL knowledge, managers, marketers, accountants, etc.
  • Anyone who’s struggling with SQL, even if you’re more advanced and can’t seem to get better at it or are stuck

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