SQL Injections Unlocked – SQLi Web Attacks (Updated 6 – 2021)


I am Avinash, an InfoSec Ardent with a special interest in cybersecurity management as well as double-blind penetration testing.

While I was in my learning phase, I faced various problems, and I was always confused about What to Learn, What Not to Learn, From Where to Learn, and the Most Important How!

After pushing immense effort and trying to learn literally every possible thing I got to see, I discovered the truth – I had wasted all of my time learning things that didn’t matter. I was learning things that nobody ever cared about.

I left learning from random sources, and those so-called experts who were themselves struggling with their jobs.

After wasting a lot of time, I met some serious people who were already successful. These were the real Industry thought leaders who taught me what I was missing in my skills.

Here on Udemy, unlike many authors, I will be focusing on skills that you actually need to be able to work in the industry rather than focussing on some random certs which is nothing more than a paperweight.

So I am looking forward to helping you on this journey.

SQL Injections Unlocked – SQLi Web Attacks (Updated 6 – 2021), Free Tutorials Download

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