Starting a Vending Machine Business



What you’ll learn

  • Best business bank accounts

  • How to run a vending machine business

Most individuals in the modern age are looking for more ways to increase their number of income streams. The big problem with this endeavor is that most do not have any spare time. This is where passive income comes into play. Running a vending machine business is something that is growing at a rapid pace. It is a moderately passive stream of income and allows the owner a lot of flexibility. In this course, I detail everything that you need to know before starting your vending business. This includes, but is not limited to: permits, the best brands for machines, Facebook groups for help locating machines/routes, and much more. Of course, it is impossible to cover every single tidbit that goes into the business, but I definitely feel like I provide more than enough information that will lead to your success. I have made some mistakes along the way, and I want to be able to inform others about those mistakes, so that they do not repeat them. Mistakes should be taken as lessons and opportunities, and not harkened on, or else they are bound to occur again. I hope I can offer sound advice to all taking that leap towards entrepreneurship, and this course is the one surefire way to take charge of your success.

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Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Go-getters
  • Lecture 3: Obtaining a Machine and Knowing Which One to Choose


  • Lecture 4: How to Choose a Location


Sneaker Enthusiast and Expert Reseller

My name is Musa Ellison and I am a sneakerhead, Youtuber, and entrepreneur. My love for sneakers stems from my love of putting a great outfit together. Over the years, I’ve become a student of the game, and have been able to turn my hobby into supplemental income. Reselling has allowed me to make connections, pay my bills, and buy the sneakers that I actually like for FREE. I have also been able to take that extra income and use it to fund my hobbies and other business endeavors. I always want to educate others, and that is my aim with my courses.

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