Substance Painter Fast Track – Fundamentals Free Download
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Substance Painter Fast Track – Fundamentals, FreeTuts Download

  Substance Painter Fast Track – Fundamentals Free Tutorial Download


Ready to take your texturing skills to the next level? Unlock the power of Substance Painter with this easy-to-follow introductory series. You’ll learn the software along with production techniques while texturing an exciting Sci-Fi character.

Part 1

Fast track the process of setting up projects inside Substance Painter and get to know the essentials of the user interface. Begin your Substance journey with baking and getting to know the power of channels.

Part 2

Begin to build custom materials in the layer stack as you learn the essentials of working with fill layers and masks. You’ll also begin to add procedural effects to the character and mix and match built-in smart materials.

Part 3

Start to add in the final details to the character and begin to customize all of the materials, while adding the details that will take the character to the final level. You’ll harness the power over the look of materials with workflows including generators, stencils, and projection painting.

Part 4

Simplify the exporting processes by utilizing these workflows to get your textures over to Blender. Build a final presentation including a projected dome environment that will add depth to the final turntable render.

Substance Painter Fast Track – Fundamentals, FreeTuts Download

Download  Substance Painter Fast Track – Fundamentals  Free

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