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– Sugar, The enemy of your health   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Use biology, not psychology, to overcome your sugar cravings. This is important, because sugar cravings are not a lack of self-control, they’re your brain telling you it is suffering an energy crisis
  • Deploy multiple weapons against your sugar gremlin. Diet and exercise are there, but there is more to better body chemistry than eating less and moving more.
  • Create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, so that you optimize your health. You’ll feel less fatigued, think more clearly, be in a better mood and if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, you’ll find they slowly melt away.


  • No prerequisite knowledge is needed, although a high school course in biology will be helpful
  • You do need to have an open mind and a sense of humour


Ever wished you could control your sugar cravings, have more energy, be less cranky and shed some of those extra pounds, in short…………….RESIST, insulin resistance, without drugs or supplements ?

You know your SUGAR MUNCHING habits are not a recipe for optimum health and you’re always FULL of remorse following a SUGAR BINGE. You’re not ready to give up sugar TOTALLY. But, you’re sick and tired of being a SLAVE to your sugar cravings and long to feel in control of what you’re eating.

What if it stopped being a psychological battle of wills, that it was as simple as “fixing” the biology that drive the desire for sugar ?

This course combines the latest science, with a little fun, while introducing you to a range of easy to deploy biology-based weapons, that will help you take on your sugar gremlin and WIN.

And, that’s not all.

Because I want to make this as simple as possible for you, you’ll also receive some great bonuses that are going to give you a huge leg up.


  • cheat sheets, which will put you at a huge advantage, because they’ll allow you to deploy the most appropriate weapon quickly and efficiently.
  • a sugar gremlin identi-kit, which will greatly increase your results, because when you can see your sugar gremlin clearly, it is a lot easier to take aim…………… and blow it out of the water.
  • on going support, which is important because sugar gremlins cannot be obliterated, they’re part of your biology. Taming your sugar gremlin will be an on-going process

Who this course is for:

  • You’re insulin resistant or have metabolic syndrome i.e. you have a BIG belly, “high” cholesterol, elevated sugar levels, high blood pressure and/or high triglycerides
  • You’ve tried pills and shakes that promise to curb your appetite, but with limited success
  • You’re out of WILLPOWER
  • You want to lose weight and improve your body chemistry, but you’re not up to counting calories on a complicate diet


Download  – Sugar, The enemy of your health Free

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