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WWDC20 Apple introduces many new features for iOS 14 along with they added new goodies in SwiftUI framework as well. One most refreshing feature that was added in SwiftUI 2.0 is matchedGeometryEffect, reason this is interesting because what we also know as hero animation have been an animation that most apps seek to build but there is a lot of code involved. In SwiftUI 2.0 this can be achieved with few lines of code.

Hero animation: one of the most common transition you would see in iOS apps is to transition from one view to another. Creating an experience where tapped view scales in size to become the main view with more information about the item is a delightful experience. It also maintains the context for the tapped view as it expands to show more information.

With MatchedGeometryEffect modifier, all you need to do is create two views and let the modifier compute the difference between those views to automatically transition view from one to another.

In this course we will learn animation with practical examples. We will start from basics and will create a practical example of a complex photo gallery with complex animation example.

Join us in this course to learn about SwiftUI MatchedGeometryAnimation.

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