Tech Recruiting Foundations 5 Waterfall, Agile, and DevOps for Recruiters


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Tech is one of those rare places where demand for jobs is higher than the supply. With that in mind, how can recruiters and hiring managers get the best candidates for the job into the jobs they’re trying to fill? One way is by understanding the tech well enough to know exactly what you need. In this series of courses, instructor Ayub Shaikh goes over high-level IT concepts and breaks them into related, easy-to-remember groupings. This course focuses specifically on waterfall, agile, and DevOps. First, Ayub explains the waterfall model, its strengths, its drawbacks, and how those drawbacks led to the development of the agile model. Next, he introduces you to the agile manifesto, key principles of agile development, and how you can identify and recruit agile candidates. Ayub concludes with a discussion of devops, including how it combines two separate silos of IT skills and how you can find and recruit devops candidates.

Note: This course was created by Holistica Consulting. We are pleased to host this training in our library.


  • Holistica Consulting

    Holistica Consulting provides dynamic training for people who need to interact with the IT department.

    So far, Holistica Consulting has helped more than 52,000 professionals gain confidence and credibility in their roles. Holistica’s unique training focuses on demystification of complex concepts, interactive workshops to help you relate to the clients and candidates you interact with, a strong focus on applying the knowledge, and credibility through passion in the subject matter.

  • Ayub Shaikh [email protected] – 0208 279 5350 – Tech Whisperer, IT Demystified, IT and vertical recruitment training

    Ayub Shaikh is the Managing Director and Principal Trainer of Holistica Consulting.

    Through Holistica Consulting, training events, and his best-selling book (The IT Recruitment Survival Guide), Ayub teaches IT recruitment consultants and other business professionals how to speak the language of IT with credibility and confidence. He travels the globe demystifying IT, from basics through leading-edge concepts such as IoT, the cloud, artificial intelligence and big data. Ayub’s passion is technology and, if there is a new concept on the horizon, he has made it his life’s purpose to identify it, digest it, and deliver it to his IT recruitment audience.

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