Test Automation Framework [ Spring Boot + Selenium + BDD ]


Spring Boot is a popular application development framework in the Java community. Spring Boot simplifies the developer life by handling most of the routine activities.

Write less code & Achieve more In your Test Automation Framework. The aim of this course is to use Spring Boot to create a test automation framework for your functional tests with Selenium and Cucumber.

We will be learning various Spring’s concepts.

Dependency Injection: How to create specific objects in our Page Objects, test classes automatically. Spring will just give it to you !!

WebDriver Manager: How to manage web driver life cycle automatically using Spring Boot.

Page Objects & Page Fragments: How to create reusable page components and get them injected into Page Objects.

Parallel test execution: How to create multiple threads, manage web drivers and run tests in parallel etc with clear thread specific scope.

Executing tests in multiple environments (DEV / QA / STG / PRD): How to manage environment specific properties like URLs, user credentials etc via property files.

Localization testing: How to do localization testing! For ex: An application which supports multiple languages. How to do language keywords validation using Spring Boot.

Data driven testing using Spring Data JPA: We often have a lot of test data in a spreadsheet. How to execute all your tests by reading the tests from spread sheet without much effort by using Spring Data JPA.

Cucumber feature files: Adding BDD into our framework. Driving tests by writing Cucumber feature files.

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External resources: How to access external resources like properties, files etc into our framework.

Automatic window / frame switching: An elegant way of switching windows / frames etc by creating annotations. Ex: @Window

Aspect oriented programming: Take screenshots automatically without saying anything in your tests by using AOP.

Local vs Remote Grid: How to execute your tests in local & in remote selenium grid by simply switching Spring profiles easily.

and Much more !!!

Who is this course for?
Anybody who has interests in Test Automation
Sr SDET / Lead / Principal / Architect SDET
Spring Boot Developers who want to learn Test Automation
Test Automation Framework design


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