Testing Automation with Protractor


Welcome to testing automation with Protractor!

It’s great to have you here. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this course.

Web applications are always changing.

But changes here sometimes break things there, and vice-versa.

Automated tests can catch failures much faster than humans, and when well-architected, they serve as a safety net to push code to production when we see them all green.

Learn how to write end-to-end tests with the Protractor framework to test any kind of web application (even non-angular ones).

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to install and configure Protractor
  • How to write tests for different scenarios of a non-angular web application
  • How to focus on what’s more important first
    • Most important features
    • Making it work first and refactoring later
  • How to organize tests’ pre-conditions
  • How to protect sensitive information
  • How to use a simplified version of the Page Objects pattern
  • How to use other open-source libraries to help you write tests
  • How to test file uploading
  • How to deal with alerts
  • How to run cross-browser testing in both headful and headless modes
  • How to improve the test report on the terminal for CI
  • How to report test results as an HTML page
  • A mechanism for re-running tests to prove they’re not flakey
  • A feature to allow you to demo the tests you wrote

Have a great testing journey!

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