The Agile Bootcamp – Agile Delivery Agile Case Studies Free Download
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The Agile Bootcamp – Agile Delivery  Agile Case Studies, FreeTuts Download

The Agile Bootcamp – Agile Delivery Agile Case Studies   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what Agile is
  • Understand the differences between Agile and traditional project management
  • Master the Agile theory, values, and principles
  • Understand the agile teams and roles
  • Understand the agile planning principles
  • Master the agile estimation techniques and velocity concepts
  • Be able to manage issues and risks on Agile projects
  • Link what you learned in this course to real life projects


  • There are no pre-requisites for this course, am explaining everything about Agile from scratch

The most complete and comprehensive Agile Full Overview course you can find on Udemy covering everything you need to know to hit the ground running with Agile Project Management: the Agile values, the Agile principles, the Agile teams and roles, , Agile planning techniques, Agile events, Agile estimation techniques, managing risks and issues in Agile, Reflection in Agile projects, Agile practices in software engineering, and Agile real life scenarios.

It is the time make yourself a more valuable member of the team by learning how to help organizations make changes faster and with less expense by using Agile approaches.

This course has been designed with a focus and dedication on quality content building, it will save you hundreds of dollars on Agile training and Agile certifications. Completing this course will help you prepare for the professional agile certifications.

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“Agile is a simple method for managing and 


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