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Hey there, I’m Andy!

Of course I will enumerate here all the awards I have achieved these last years such as Gold Medal in the Romanian National Computing Olympiad or Bronze Medal in the Central European Computing Olympiad, but what’s more important than the cool stuff is the hard and most of the times painful journey to get there.

I have always been known as a the guy who achieves anything he sets his mind to, even if it took me more time and sweat than it took to others, particularly more talented. I have been studying the art of Algorithms and Data Structures in Competitive Programming and Interview Questions for 6 years now.

After my career in Competitive Programming came to an end, I have decided to coach dozens of students and I was amazed of how my experience in the field and teaching process cut their learning curve to the roof. They got very quickly to their desired results.

Finally, I have decided to commit myself to developing a system I want to share with all of you to optimise the process of mastering this skill and use it as a foundation to skyrocket your results.

Jump on my ship and let’s make an amazing team together!

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