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Welcome to The Complete 2021 Android Machine Learning Course.

In this course, you will learn the use of Machine learning in Android without knowing any background knowledge of machine learning.

In modern world app development, the use of ML in mobile app development is compulsory. We hardly see an application in which ML is not being used. So it’s important to learn how we can integrate ML models inside Android applications. And this course will teach you that. And the main feature of this is you don’t need to know any background knowledge of ML to integrate it inside your application.

What we will cover in this course?

Dealing with Images in Android
Dealing with frames of live camera footage in Android
Use of quantized and floating point tensorflow lite models in Android
Use of tensor flow lite delegates to improve the performance of ML models in Android
Image classification with images and live camera footage in Android
Object Detection with Images and Live Camera footage
Image Segmentation to make images transparent in Android
Use of regression models in Android
Image Labeling Android to recognize different things
Barcode Scanning Android to scan barcodes and QR codes
Pose Estimation Android to detect human body joints
Selfie Segmentation Android to separate the background from the foreground
Digital Ink Recognition Android to recognize handwritten text
Object Detection Android to detect and track objects
Text Recognition Android to recognize text in images
Smart Reply Android to add auto reply suggestion
Text Translation Android to translate between different languages
Face Detection Android to detect faces, facial landmarks, and facial expressions
Training image classification models for Android
Retraining existing machine learning models with transfer learning for Android applications
The course is divided into three main parts.

Pre-Trained Tensorflow Lite
Firebase ML Kit
Training Image Classification models
Pre-Trained Tensorflow Lite

In the first section, you will learn the use of popular pre-trained machine learning models in Android and build

Image classification
Object detection
Image segmentation

Quantization and Delegates

Apart from that, we will cover all the important concepts related to Tensorflow lite like

Using floating-point and quantized model in Android
Use the use of Tensorflow lite Delegates to improve model performance
Regression In Android

After that, we will learn to use regression models in Android and build a couple of applications including a

Fuel Efficiency Predictor for Vehicles.
Firebase ML Kit

Then the next section is related to the Firebase ML Kit. In this section, we will explore

Firebase ML Kit
Features of Firebase ML Kit
Then we are going to explore those features and build a number of applications including

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Image Labeling
Barcode Scanning
Pose Estimation
Selfie Segmentation
Digital Ink Recognition
Object Detection
Text Recognition
Smart Reply
Text Translation
Face Detection
CamScanner Clone

Apart from all these applications, we are developing a clone of the famous document scanning application CamScanner.

Training Image Classification Models

After mastering the use of ML Models in Android in the Third section we will learn to train our own Image Classification models without knowing any background knowledge of Machine learning.

So in that section, we will learn to train ML models using two different approaches.

Dog breed Recognition using Teachable Machine

Firstly we will train a dog breed recognition model using a teachable machine.
Build a Live Feed Dog Breed Recognition Android Application.
Fruit Recognition using Transfer Learning

Using transfer learning we will retrain the MobileNet model to recognize different fruits.
Build a live feed fruit recognition Android application using that trained model
Images and Live Camera Footage

The course will teach you to use Machine learning models with images and live camera footage, So that, you can build both simple and live feed Android applications.

Android Version

The course is completely up to date and we have used the latest Android 11 throughout the course.


The course is developed using both Java and Kotlin programming languages. So all the material is available in both languages.

By the end of this course, you will be able

Use Firebase ML kit inside Android applications using both Java and Kotlin
Use pre-trained Tensorflow lite models inside Android & IOS applications using Java and Kotlin
Train your own Image classification models and build Android applications.
You’ll also have a portfolio of over 20+ apps that you can show off to any potential employer.

Who can take this course:

Beginner Android ( Java or Kotlin ) developer with very little knowledge of Android app development.
Intermediate Android ( Java or Kotlin ) developer wanted to build a powerful Machine Learning-based application in Android
Experienced Android ( Java or Kotlin ) developers wanted to use Machine Learning models inside their Android applications.
Anyone who took a basic Android ( Java or Kotlin ) mobile app development course before (like Android ( Java or Kotlin ) app development course by angela yu or other such courses).
Unlike any other Android app development course, The course will teach you what matters the most.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the Join button and start learning.

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