The Complete Fast Track Web Development Course

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I am very glad you are interested in making websites and I am excited to be sharing this wonderful world with you!

I have always been disappointed by the lack of a complete and comprehensive overview of web development.

All the courses I have seen are either:

Too complex and full of details of one-off scenarios without having established a solid understanding of the basics.

It’s simple and not enough information to get you started building websites.

With this course, I want to offer a balance which I would have loved to have when I was learning.

I will do this by teaching you both:

The full foundation of web development, understanding how websites and the web actually work and getting to know the elements that go into making a full stack application.

The ins and outs of all the basic technologies of web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL. Going in-depth and giving you a great deal of detail to ensure complete mastery of each by the end.

I’ve seen that other courses try to teach many more types of languages ​​(XML, NodeJS, NPM, ExpressJS, REST, PassportJS, MongoDB …), but, unfortunately, this results in both a lot of confusion and each of them being understood at a much lesser level of detail.

The truth is that all the other technologies that are used in web development are just those variations that I will teach you. So instead of learning many different syntaxes that you may never use again, with this course you will achieve a high level of understanding of each of the most important languages, which will make you making websites sooner and will give you a grounding which you then experiment with and expand in the future if you wish.


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English name: Udemy The Complete Fast Track Web Development

Courses Farsi Name: Full and Fast

Learning Web Development

Language Learning: English

Teacher: Ruben Giuliani

Level of training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced

Training time: 29 hours + 30 minutes

File size: 11000 M

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