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The Complete Guide to Technical Indicators 2

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Technical indicators abound in the trading world, and while they all have their proven advantages, none works for every trading style or in every market. With so many to choose from, trying to find the best ones for your needs can be a bit overwhelming. Not anymore: This DVD/Online course provides you with comprehensive coverage of all technical indicators currently in use. But that’s only half the story. Bestselling author and financial educator, Mark Larson, doesn’t just describe the indicators—he shows you how to find and use the perfect ones for your trading style and goals. If you use technical indicators already, Mark shows you new ways use and combine them to sharpen the accuracy of your trades. If you are eager to learn about them, he provides you everything you need to get off to a flying start using and profiting from these powerful tools.

  • Packed with detailed, real-world examples of how the indicators work and how the patterns unfold
  • Over six hours of recorded presentations, plus a complete online manual, fill you in on all types of indicators and how to know which to use and when to apply them
  • Clearly explains the critical elements of indicators—support and resistance, moving averages, volume—why they work and how to choose the right one for every trade
  • Details strategies for using Bollinger Bands, rate of change, MACD,  stochastics, swing trading charts and dozens of other indicators

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