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Unlike large companies, small companies cannot always hire privacy specialists or buy pricey third-party tools. In this course, instructor Nishant Bhajaria provides an easy-to-understand, practical primer on privacy, security, and compliance. He shows hands-on leaders what obligations are created by laws like GDPR and CCPA, identifies techniques to detect privacy risk in data handling and product development, demonstrates how to implement tools and processes to manage access to sensitive data, and much more. This course can help you build tooling for critical functions like data inventory; data sharing and export; data subject access requests; deleting account and event streaming data; capturing; storing and updating user consent; and addressing security vulnerabilities that could cause privacy harm.

After taking this course, companies will be able to prioritize and execute on their privacy priorities intelligently, reduce risk, manage compliance, and build user trust.

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  • Nishant Bhajaria

    Nishant Bhajaria is a privacy and security leader and a digital product architect.

    Nishant is a senior-level leader in the security, privacy, and compliance space, and he’s built teams and programs to help achieve these goals. He typically serves as a vital link between legal, engineering, and C-level leadership to ensure that a company’s products help protect user data and secure customer trust. Prior to his current role—privacy architecture and strategy at Uber—he worked in compliance, data protection, and security and privacy at Google. In addition, he’s served as the head of privacy engineering at Netflix. You can order Privacy by Design, Nishant’s book on privacy engineering, on the Manning Publications website.

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