Topic Oriented Classified Chinese Vocabulary HSK IB IGCSE V1 Free Download
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Topic Oriented Classified Chinese Vocabulary HSK IB IGCSE V1, FreeTuts Download

Topic Oriented Classified Chinese Vocabulary HSK IB IGCSE V1 Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Expand their Vocabulary
  • Apply their Vocabulary in sentences
  • Apply their Vocabulary real situation.
  • Apply their Vocabulary real situation.
  • Have basic Chinese

Vocabulary Camping:

we group the same topic vocabulary together, like camping which allow you to focus on improving specific topic in short time. This is very helpful when you are writing an article or preparing a speaking, like IGCSE’s role play.  We publish this PDF book in 2013 and was adopted by many International Schools. Many students call it life-saving book!


1 Best English Translation available
By referring to Oxford Dictionary and Online resources, we have added or updated near 3000 words.
The best English translation will help you understand the Chinese phrase accutately. Some phrases will be further explained by example sentences to distinguish the fine difference, like 又, 再(both again); 知道, 认识, 了解 (all means know).

2 The Classification of the level of difficulty:
we classify the vocabulary into 6 levels according HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) levels. This is done by referencing to our frequency of Chinese Characters’ usage, HSK vocabulary and our experience. This improvement provides a Framework, which has significant  implications to help students evaluate progress and most important to help teachers or editors to choose the proper articles according their levels. By referring the level of the new words, the classification
Situational classification:
3 We classified the most common vocabulary into 50 categories according to situational daily usage.  This classification will enable the beginner to improve their vocabulary in the short time according the situational need.  It will also help a lot for student to do revision. Some students call them as “LIFESAVING” book before their examinations. In order to illustrate how to some hard vocabularies, we also give the situational sentences and conversations to improve student understanding.

Who this course is for:
  • Who want to improve Chinese Vocabulary in short time
Read more course:  Spring Core (Spring Framework): An In-Depth Hands-on Guide


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