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Travis Eliot – Chill Out   Free Tutorial Download

Just a little bit on my background, so that you know where I am coming from. I have been working out regularly for 20 years, and I am 35. I first started practicing yoga a year and a half ago. I would say that my fitness level is advanced, and that my yoga competency level is somewhere between intermediate and advanced.
I am still in the first cycle of this program. I will edit this review as I progress.
If you are someone who is new to exercise, THIS PROGRAM IS NOT YET FOR YOU. I would recommend a more beginner’s workout like Travis Elliot’s Yoga Foundations, first. I say this because I have seen people poorly review this product as not being for beginners. That makes no sense to me. It’s called “The ULTIMATE Yogi,” not “The Novice Yogi.” He doesn’t focus on proper alignment a lot, because it is assumed that you already know it. Additionally, people who don’t normally exercise at all might not be able to do a lot of several of the discs.
Another thing I’ve have seen other reviewers comment on is Travis’s accent. He does have an accent that is specific to a certain part of California, I believe. I have never had any difficulty understanding him. In fact, I find his cueing to be excellent. I generally don’t need to look at the screen to know what I am supposed to be doing (another reason why it’s good to know some poses and proper alignment before starting this program). That said, I don’t even notice his accent anymore.

The program is a definite commitment of time. However, if you currently exercise, you may already be committing this time. There is a set schedule of seven different workouts every week, that changes to a new schedule every 36 days. There is also an 18 minute hardcore workout to be done three times a week. In addition to this, the program recommends 10 minutes of meditation daily, that increases to 20 minutes daily during the 2nd 36 days, and 30 minutes of daily meditation the last 36 days. Basically, you are looking at a bare minimum commitment on Mountain Pose day of 40 minutes, up to a maximum on detox day of the last 36 days of 117 minutes.
So far, I can say that every minute has been worth it. The music is excellent. I have found each workout to be challenging, but doable; and I feel so fresh and fulfilled afterwards. Many may not be able to complete the sessions in the entirety for the first few week, but they will improve if they stick to it. The meditation, which I didn’t think I would get into, has been great! I feel so happy after just ten minutes every day. There is a FB group in which people currently completing the program can discuss their journey, and find support from others.
Bottom line is that, mentally/emotionally, this is the happiest I have been in a long time. Physically, even after working out for many years, I am getting stronger and more flexible in my body and in life. I am expecting to see changes in my body. I am so fortunate that I bought this. 🙂


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