Travis Eliot – Yoga Short & Sweet Free Download
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Travis Eliot – Yoga Short & Sweet   Free Tutorial Download

This is the best set of short yoga workouts I have ever tried. I was first introduced to yoga whenever I did P90X the first time. I loved the power yoga used in the series, but I could not stand how long it was (90 minutes). I then discovered Fountain of Youth Yoga from Tony Horton’s One on One series. That was a much more manageable 45 minute length and still gave me a great workout. I’ve also tried some shorter routines (45 minutes or less) from Rodney Yee, Bob Harper, and Dave Farmar, some of which were good, others not so good. However, these four 30 minute routines trump all the other shorter yoga workouts that I have tried. Each of the routines have a fast pace, yet you will still hold most of the poses for a sufficient amount of time. There is a terrific variety of stretches, poses, and flows throughout each of the workouts, and all 4 of the routines are unique and never feel repetitive. Travis also gives excellent cues and I hardly ever have to look up at the TV. Whenever I want a short yoga routine when I’m short on time, I’ll never again use anything but these.


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