Code a Vue.js App With TypeScript


Vue.js is one of the newest and most popular front-end frameworks and is a great choice for new projects. And TypeScript is a cutting-edge, optionally typed language that shares syntax with and transpiles to JavaScript. The combination of these technologies might just be the ultimate front-end stack!

In this course, Derek Jensen will show you how to get started coding a web app with Vue.js and TypeScript. You’ll learn how to bootstrap a Vue.js and TypeScript app from scratch, using modern tooling like Webpack. Then, you’ll learn all the basics of Vue.js app development—from data binding and event handling to styling—all from a TypeScript perspective. Along the way, you’ll get to practice your new skills by building a complete app: a simple real-time scoreboard for a sporting event.


Learn Vue.js

Learn Vue.js with our complete Vue.js tutorial guide, whether you’re a seasoned coder or a web designer looking to pick up new front-end development techniques.

Code a Vue.js App With TypeScript, Free Tutorials Download

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