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TypeScript for Node.js Developers   Free Tutorial Download

As your development needs grow with your enterprise, you need better tools and syntax when working with Node.js. This is where using TypeScript with Node.js can be a perfect next step. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that offers optional static type checking, as well as support for the latest JavaScript features. In this course, Emmanuel Henri helps Node.js developers quickly get up to speed with TypeScript as he steps through how to best leverage this popular language in Node.js applications. To begin, he shows how to set up TypeScript and familiarizes you with its file conventions. He then discusses how to use types in Node.js, leverage TypeScript tools to organize your application, and use iterators and decorators. To wrap up, he shares resources that can help you further explore all that TypeScript has to offer.

Topics include:
  • TypeScript file conventions
  • Using types in Node.js
  • Adding types in your functions
  • Using TypeScript classes in Node.js
  • Using an interface in Node.js
  • Using tools to organize your code
  • Declaration merging
  • Leveraging decorators in your Node.js application


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