Typographic Pattern Design in Procreate Free Download
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Typographic Pattern Design in Procreate, FreeTuts Download

Typographic Pattern Design in Procreate   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class


Did you know you can make seamless, repeating patterns in Procreate? I’ll show you how!

With this start-to-finish tutorial, you will create a high-resolution pattern swatch, then turn it into a seamless, repeating pattern. I’ll be demonstrating the technique using a simple, hand-lettered design, but you can follow along with any illustration style – it doesn’t have to be typographic!

I’ll show you three methods for exporting your finished swatch as a seamless, repeating pattern. By the end of class, you will have:

  1. a Procreate pattern brush, so you can draw your pattern on any canvas size, at any scale, then export your design for print;
  2. an industry-standard pattern fill swatch in Adobe Photoshop and the skills to apply it to a product mockup;
  3. a vectorized fill swatch in Adobe Illustrator, for a repeating pattern that is easily recolorable and scalable.


Download  Typographic Pattern Design in Procreate  Free

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