30 Day Practice to becoming the best version of you


30 Day Practice to becoming the best version of you   Free Tutorial Download


  • Only a willingness to self improve yourself is required


The 30-day Practice has been carefully placed together with several years of research with the goal to bring out the best version of you. This course has been tested throughout the duration of 5 years with proven results.

If followed exactly, gives you a better mindset to deal with mental, emotional attitudes, making room for a better you.


This course is ideal for anyone wanting to get the best from themselves. You could be a successful entrepreneur, business owner or have a good job, or simply want to self work on yourself.                     

Mentally you could be feeling unsatisfied and this all stems from not having a happy mindset. Being the best version of you doesn’t mean being perfect, happiness is a tool that comes from within you.                 

Learn to release that tool and live a better fulfilled and happy life, leading to a more balance you.

No one but you, is your rescue in achieving happiness and the best project you will ever work on is yourself.

This course is a mixture of videos and learning tools to get you on the right direction in becoming a better version of you.

What the course will cover:



What is the Egoic mind:

The Ego isn’t just about arrogance

The Ego Vs The inferior

Being right and the Ego

Can you combat against the Egoic intentions towards you

First steps before the 30-day practice

Don’t allow the excuses of the Egoic mind to creep up on you

There is never a right time

Looking at your lifestyle

Look after your insides

Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night

Cleanse your surroundings

Keep away from negative people & situations




Steps for mindful practice

Benefits of mindfulness

Applying being mindful in everyday life

Different forms of meditation:

Walking meditation


Concentration meditation

Meditation with Mantra

Meditation can be hard don’t let it put you off

How to meditate for beginners

How to build a meditation practice

The benefits of meditation

Before the 30-day practice:

30 Day Practice:

Day 1: Discovering you again

Day 2: Realizing your fears

Day 3: Witnessing your fears & how they make you feel

Day 4: Forgiving yourself & learning not to be harsh on yourself

Day 5: Forgiving others & not holding grudges

Day 6: You are not the judge, nor the jury

Day 7: Attacking is for the weak mind, don’t fall victim to it

1 Week evaluation:

Day 8: Healing is a release from fear

Day 9: Surrender

Day 10: Showing gratitude

Day 11: Affirming love to you

Day 12: Making friends with positive vibes

Day 13: Ban yourself from social media for a day

Day 14: changing your mindset

1 Week evaluation:

Day 15: Self reflection

Day 16: Stop procrastinating your only letting you down

Day 17: The start of eliminating procrastination for good

Day 18: Work with what you got & stop watching others

Day 19: Give yourself a break stop being harsh on yourself

Day 20: You are your rescue

Day 21: Just do it, you got nothing to lose but gain

1 Week evaluation:

Day 22: The baby steps: come out of your comfort zone

Day 23: What doesn’t serve you must go

Day 24: Working in your zone & learning what makes you feel good

Day 25: Make you happy

Day 26: You have the power to create

Day 27: Practice makes perfect

Day 28: Don’t give up if things are not going your way

Day 29: the best project you will work on is you

Day 30: Keep going & get better everyday

The 30-day practice is over what next

Next step

Important reminder

I see more clearly & understand I will never let me down again

Positive affirmations & mantras


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves, grow their mindset and bring out their best qualities as an individual

30 Day Practice to becoming the best version of you, Free Tutorials Download


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