50 Drawing & Doodle Exercises To Improve Your Creativity


Transform different lines & shapes into ideas & drawings to improve your creativity to help generate new inspiration Free Download


What you’ll learn
  • Effective exercises that inspire creative thinking
  • Promote flexibility in your creative thinking
  • Generate new creative ideas
  • Dissolve current creative blocks in your way
  • Produce unique creative results at the end of each exercise
  • Find your unique creative drawing style
  • Think like a Professional Creative Artist
  • Quickly spark creative inspiration
  • Eliminate doubts by completing all these exercises
  • Paper and drawing instruments of your choice that you want to draw and doodle with

Do you use your creativity but are currently creatively stuck? Do you love to draw and want to improve your creativity in the process? Or maybe you simply want to generate new ideas for future creative projects?


In this course, I will walk you through different simple but fast doodle and drawing exercises where you will be in charge of transforming each exercise into something more than useless scribbles, lines, shapes, etc. This class is not focused on improving your drawing but using the art of drawing to IMPROVE YOUR CREATIVITY TODAY!

I created this course while keeping in mind my 20 years of my drawing experience. Creativity can be used in all aspects of your life and completing doodle drawings is just one way to improve your creative thinking skills.

With 50 exercises, this course starts with explaining the exercise and then shows you what the start of the drawing will look like. You can feel free to copy it or draw your version on your piece of paper.

In the next lecture, I will show you my thought process that I go through to see what this can be transformed into. If you’re stuck feel free to use my exercise result for your transformation.

Once I have figured out what I will be drawing I make it come to life on my piece of paper. At this point you’ll be ready to give this exercise a go to see what your mind can conjure up while tapping into your creativity.

Lastly, the key is to complete all of these exercises without thinking ‘I don’t know’ because that will stop your creative flow. Feel free to go at your own pace through this course. Some students feel creatively inspired and take a break after five exercises while other students continue on.

What students have said about this course:

“Dear Ms. Tatiana, you are awesome this course is truly inspiration for me, even though I haven’t tried any exercises, but it gave me a ton of ideas to drawing when I am free, instead of thinking on negative thought I would love to do these sort of exercises, before I always try to draw complex shapes sometime I succeed sometime I don’t but now with your motivation and ideas I will look for simple things and turn into awesome things. Thanks a ton.” ~Khan

“One of the best courses on creativity :)” ~Ali 

Why you should take this course:

  • Improve your creativity
  • Create 50 new drawing and doodle sketches to spark your creativity
  • Freehand sketching and any drawing instruments are welcome
  • Use this course as a springboard to your next great idea
  • Take your creative thinking to the next level
  • Same exercise can produce 1000 + different results

What bonuses are included?

  • You will receive up to 3 potential ideas on what each exercise could transform into
  • You can see the thought process and exercise results from a professional Creative Artist
  • Look through other students results in the Q&A section for more inspiration so you will never be stuck
  • Signs your job may be hurting your creativity
  • Effect of frustration in creativity and how to combat it
  • How to use the environment around you to inspire creativity
  • 6 minute creative meditation
  • Top 3 tips for improving your creativity
  • 3 Downloadable PDF Worksheets

What past graduates from this course have said:

“I am really really very happy with this course .. It is not just thoughts it works on growing the creativity skills :))” ~Yassmin

Let’s get started if you’re ready to have fun and improve your creativity today.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who enjoys doodling and drawing exercises and wants to improve their creative thinking

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Author: Ho Quang Dai

I am Ho Quang Dai, from Vietnam – A country that loves peace. I share completely free courses from major academic websites around the world. Hope to bring free knowledge to everyone who can’t afford to buy

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