5G Masterclass – Architecture, NR RAN, Core and Call flows


5G Masterclass – Architecture, NR RAN, Core and Call flows   Free Tutorial Download


  • Basic understanding of Wireless communications
  • Basic understanding of networking


    5G, the fifth generation of telecommunications, has the capability to be the backbone of much of the innovation in the Information and Communications Technologies arena in the next decade. It will empower the lives of people, and shape their lifestyles to create the next level of education, entertainment, productivity and value creation.

    5G RAN, based on New Radio (NR) technology, is arguably the biggest domain of innovation and complexity in every telecommunication generation. It is the topic of focus for much of the telecom students and professionals. In the first half of this course, you are going to learn about the key ideas and concepts that are a part of the 5G RAN.


    In this course, you’ll be able to learn

    – The overview of the 5G System

    – RAN Protocol Stack

    – Key functionalities in the Control Plane Protocol Stack

    – Key functionalities in the User Plane Protocol Stack

    – Key RAN Procedures

    5G Core Networks present the opportunity to build a more a capable network and offer innovative services in a more cost efficient way. In the second half of the course, we go through the different principles associated with the 5G core network and discuss the various network functions and the call flows. In this section you’ll be able to learn

    – Principles of service based architecture

    – Key Network functions in the 5G Core

    – Key principles in access management, session management etc

    – Important call flows in the 5G System

    The course is designed to present even the sophisticated concepts in a simple to understand, concise and well illustrated manner. Time is of the essence for industry professionals, so it is aimed at being crisp and to the point.

    Handouts are included for further reference for the students.

    Most importantly, I take a lot of pleasure in sharing this content, and I hope you have an equally enriching learning experience.

    I invite you to join the journey of more than 8000 students who took their 5G skillset to the next level with this course.

    Some kind reviews:

    “I have taken several Udemy 5G courses. This one is best yet. Well organized. Good graphics and sound quality excellent.”

    “Its really a nice course from understanding pov. Presented in a fantastic way for anyone to learn and grasp quickly. Really Enjoyed.”

    “This was very great experience. Instructor is really knowledgeable person. Also efforts in content creation”

    Who is this course for?

    • Telecom Professionals
    • Students trying to enter the field of telecommunications
    • Network Professionals
    • Students of wireless communications
    • People preparing for interview in the field of 5G

5G Masterclass – Architecture, NR RAN, Core and Call flows, Free Tutorials Download

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